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Candidate Search Services – Placement Agency Services

Franklin Paterson Job Placement Services recommends candidates for interviews based on your definition of the need and we do it in record time!
thirty-plus to place the most talented Candidates with finest Companies in our local area.

Franklin Paterson works with a small cadre of clients at a time to whom we represent the highest quality applicant available.

How we work:

  • The Placement Agency Division operates as a boutique type firm never too large to provide the highest level of service to our Clients or to work
    individually with our Candidates.

  • We offer a straightforward yet innovative approach to technology and employment solutions; which allows us to assess our Clients' needs
    objectively, recognize their priorities and to design a solution that is at once high quality, inventive and cost effective.

  • While we keep a highly qualified database of candidates, we can also recruit exactly the right candidate for the job listed with us if needed.

  • If you are a current client and we begin to see a number of resumes of employees from your company, or department, we will call to speak with
    you, and try help with the retention of your employee or employees, we do not recruit from client companies.

You are not a Franklin Paterson client? Well, the good people have got to come from somewhere!

Our thirty-plus  years of experience has taught us that good candidates, do not simply respond to ads and be just right for the position. We will take the
time to work with our candidates so that they have right technical and business experience to be attractive to leading companies in their local area.

  • We are always seeking new talent to work with and advertise in throughout the country, to encourage applicants to recommend good people to us
    and to take part in our free training where available.

  • Most candidates who have gone through our screening process find jobs either through us at a fee paying client or on their own using their
    enhanced interviewing skills and confidence.

Why be a Franklin Paterson Client?

To put it simply, by doing a superb job for you; the Permanent Employees, Consultants or Temps, you hire from us can get a Manager noticed and may
even get you promoted!

  • Work well done can generate growth for your department or company. Even in this economy people are still getting fat raises and being promoted.

  • We often say that what we do is not only place the right candidate in the right job, what we really do is get managers promoted!

  • A good hire who does their job well, and really adds value can also help you attract other good people to your organization.

  • Hiring is more than just getting a job done- it is about growth; done well, everyone benefits.

Now, good things a really never ever free - a good recruiting firm will charge a reasonable fee; and will also stay in touch with the Candidate
through the first rocky three month of a new job. We do both.